Since its inception in 2006, the American Sign Language Honor Society (ASLHS) has become a valued addition to the field of ASL education. Its primary mission is to encourage and recognize high academic achievement in ASL studies for high school and college/university students. Like honor societies for other languages, the ASLHS seeks to enrich the overall learning experience of those studying ASL. Some of the programs offered by the ASL Honor Society include:

ASL teachers are strongly encouraged to establish ASLHS chapters on campus, regardless of whether they teach at the high school, community college, or university levels. All students can benefit from high expectations in their ASL studies, and take pride in having their hard work recognized through honor cords or the Alice Cogswell and Laurent Clerc medals.

In 2010, the ASL Honor Socity began administering the first national-level scholarships for ASL students pursuing further education in the field of ASL, Deaf Studies, and Deaf education. High school and college students are eligible to apply for these scholarships if ASLHS chapters are located on their campuses. For more information on the ASL Scholarship, click here.

The ASL Honor Society is a program offered by ASLTA, the national organization for ASL teachers.