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Sabrina Vasconcelos Robin Newsom-Wuertz

 For more information, contact ASLHS's Competition Coordinator, Robin Newsom-Wuertz and Sabrina Vasconcelos @ aslhs.competitions2@aslta.org

Chuck Baird Memorial Art Competition

Each fall, the ASLHS sponsors a National Deaf Art Competition with cash prizes, in honor of beloved deaf artist, Chuck Baird. The mission of the competition is to expose students to the artists, genres, and visual expressions of deaf culture as expressed through art. Students may create an art that represents Deaf culture, ASL language, or the Deaf community. Students at all levels of ASL instruction are encouraged to participate. This years category is Shiney Dark Tales. The deadline to submit is November 10, 2022. Our Deaf judge is Mr. Shiney Head. 

Artist Painting a Picture with Oil Paint

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2022-2023 Art Competition

Shiney Dark Tales


Judge: Mr. Shiney Head

Watch Mr. Shiney Head dark tales and create an artistic work that could include painting, sketching, drawing, digital, collage, etc. relating to one of the tales! Click the application below for more information. 


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Eric "Malz" Malzkuhn ASL Literature Competition

The ASLHS sponsors an annual national ASL literature competition with cash prizes, held during the Spring semester. Named after Eric "Malz" Malzkuhn, one of the early pioneers of ASL storytelling, this competition encourages students to apply what they learn in class to the broader community. The competition focuses on translations from English to ASL.

Participating in the Deaf Art and/or ASL Literature competitions has a positive impact on applications for the ASL scholarship, even if a student does not win a prize. This year's category is Music Videos. Be inspired to take music to a whole new level through Deaf eyes! The deadline to submit is March 25, 2022. Our Deaf judge is Rosa Lee Timms. Click (https://www.rosaleetimm.com/) to learn more about her.