The ASL Honor Society is administered by the following individuals. If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, contact the national coordinator.

National Coordinator: Christine Sharkey (Delaware)

Have general questions about the ASL Honor Society? Email Christine

Membership: Steve Singer (New Jersey)

Have questions about membership status, certificates, and ASLHS pins? Email Steve

Operations / Scholarships: Rose Adams (Florida)

Have questions about the ASLHS scholarships or ASLHS forms and procedures? Email Rose

Competitions: Jessica Parker (Alaska)

Have questions about the ASL Literature Competition or the Chuck Baird Memorial Deaf Art Competition? Email Jessica

Graduation: Candy Yoder (Delaware)

Have questions about your order of honor cords and / or the Alice Cogswell and Laurent Clerc medals? Email Candy



Interested in joining the ASL Honor Society team? Email Christine and let's talk about it!