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The Artist's Hands with Palette Knife

Sabrina Vasconcelos Robin Newsom-Wuertz

 For more information, contact ASLHS's Competition Coordinator, Robin Newsom-Wuertz and Sabrina Vasconcelos @ aslhs.competitions2@aslta.org

Chuck Baird Memorial Art Competition

Each fall, the ASLHS sponsors a National Deaf Art Competition with cash prizes, in honor of beloved deaf artist, Chuck Baird. The mission of the competition is to expose students to the artists, genres,
and visual expressions of deaf culture as expressed through art. Students at all levels of ASL instruction are encouraged to participate. This years category is ASL Photography, images of Visual culture. Students may take a photo that represents Deaf culture, ASL language, or the Deaf community. The deadline to submit is November 5, 2021. Our Deaf judge is Donna Frank. Click here to learn more about her. You can also check out this website, to learn more about other Deaf photographers.

Artist Painting a Picture with Oil Paint

Artist Painting a Picture with Oil Paint

Congratulations to 2020-21 Art Competition Winners!

Our Lady of Peace

1st: Norah Kotnik

Our Lady of Peace

Lake Dallas High School

2nd: Vivian Flores, Alejandra Gomez, and Khalil Guess

Lake Dallas High School

Flower Mount High School

3rd: Lindsay Graham

Flower Mound High School

Karly Sumaniotto “Love Don't Hate“ Vineland High School
1st Place - Karly Smaniotto
Vineland High School
"Love Don't Hate"
Bailey Ryne from St. James Academy - Equals
2nd Place - Bailey Ryne
 St. James Academy
Regina Aragon from Academy of Our Lady of Peace “Deaf Perspective“
3rd Place - Regina Aragon
Academy of Our Lady of Peace
"Deaf Perspective"

School Students Writing in NotebookASLHS Competitions

Eric "Malz" Malzkuhn ASL Literature Competition

The ASLHS sponsors an annual national ASL literature competition with cash prizes, held during the Spring semester. Named after Eric "Malz" Malzkuhn, one of the early pioneers of ASL storytelling, this competition encourages students to apply what they learn in class to the broader community. The competition focuses on translations from English to ASL.

Participating in the Deaf Art and/or ASL Literature competitions has a positive impact on applications for the ASL scholarship, even if a student does not win a prize. This year's category is Music Videos. Be inspired to take music to a whole new level through Deaf eyes! The deadline to submit is March 25, 2022. Our Deaf judge is Rosa Lee Timms. Click (https://www.rosaleetimm.com/) to learn more about her.


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