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ASL Honor Society

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Need an ASLHS Certificate template? Email the Membership Coordinator at aslhs.membership@aslta.org 

Have Questions? Reach out to our board.
Membership: Stephanie Horvath at aslhs.membership@aslta.org
Graduation: Melissa Ibanez at aslhs.gradship@aslta.org
Competitions: Robin Newsom-Wuertz and Sabrina Vasconcelos at aslhs.competitions2@aslta.org
Scholarships Coordinator: Laura Miller at aslhs.scholarships@aslta.org
Public Relations: Devin Hasty and Roxann Coffman at aslhs.pr@aslta.org
Any other questions: Dr. Jessica Parker, ASLHS National Coordinator at aslhs@aslta.org
HAVE PROBLEM? Please fill out thr conflict resolution form HERE

Any fiance questions: Jason Zinza at treasurer@aslta.org