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ASL Honor Society

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Join ASLTA at the associate level, and then add the ASLHS program once you've joined. Schools that offer a minimum of two years of ASL instruction are eligible to form chapters of the ASLHS on campus. Interested ASL students do not join ASLHS on an individual basis but instead become members of the local ASLHS chapter on their campus. See below to see how!

Send Membership inquiries to aslhs.membership@aslta.org  

Requirements to Establish a Chapter 

Each school must establish a chapter for eligibility to participate in ASL Honor Society. To establish an ASLHS chapter at your school you need to meet the following requirements:

  • The junior high, high school, two-year college, four-year college/university or Deaf School must offer a minimum of two years of ASL coursework.
  • The chapter must also have an ASL teacher who is willing to sponsor the ASLHS.
  • The ASL teacher (or "Sponsor") must be a member in good standing of the American Sign Language Teachers Association and remain in good standing.
  • Annual ASLHS chapter fees must be kept current.

Disclaimer: We are under ASLTA as a program. If you want to establish ASL Honor Society, you will need to pay two membership dues.

American Sign Language Honor Society

Steps to Establish an ASLHS Chapter at Your School

1 Download the membership form for Purchase Order or go to the website at  https://www.aslta.org/membership-center/ to make an online payment.

2 Use this form to join ASLTA as an associate or certified member if you are not already a member. 

3 Add ASL Honor Society membership to your associate or certified membership on your form.

4 Submit the membership form with purchase order or submit the online payment.

5 When your membership is active, set up your chapter and induction to kick off your society. Click here to learn more about Induction.

*Memberships received will have the sponsor and school names added to our website and will receive an electronic certificate via email.