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ASL Honor Society

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Join ASLTA at the associate level, and then add the ASLHS program once you've joined. Schools that offer a minimum of two years of ASL instruction are eligible to form chapters of the ASLHS on campus. Interested ASL students do not join ASLHS on an individual basis, but instead become members of the local ASLHS chapter on their campus.

Establish a Chapter

Establish an ASLHS chapter by meeting the following requirements:

  • The high school, two-year college, or four-year college/university must offer a minimum of two years of ASL coursework.
  • The chapter must also have an ASL teacher who is willing to sponsor the ASLHS.
  • The ASL teacher (or "Sponsor") must be a member in good standing of the American Sign Language Teachers Association and remain in good standing.
  • Annual chapter fees must be kept current.
American Sign Language Honor Society

Membership Order Form

Join online at www.aslta.org/membership/.

Paper and check/Purchase Order requests will be processed at a delay. Membership requests received AFTER December 1 will have sponsor and school names added to our website but will Not receive a paper certificate for the school due to the late renewal.

Send Membership inquiries to aslhs.membership@aslta.org 

Meet the Board

The ASLHS is fortunate to have a knowledgeable and experienced board of directors who enjoy serving. We invite you to meet our Directors.

Christine Sharkey

National Coordinator - Christine Sharkey

Chris is kicking off her second year as the ASLHS National Coordinator. She previously joined the crew as the Graduation Coordinator in 2017. She is a native of Philly, PA, and is currently teaching ASL K-12 at Delaware School for the Deaf. Chris has degrees in SLP/Audiology, Deaf Education, K-12 Education, and has 1 year left in her Ed. Leadership doctoral program. She's ASL Certified: Professional and has been attending ASLTA conferences since 2003! 

Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp.
Favorite Food: Potatoes.
Best Memory: First glimpse of Grand Canyon.

Jessica Parker

Competitions Coordinator - Jessica Parker

Meet Jessica Parker - the ASLHS Competitions Coordinator. She is a CODA raised in Dallas, Texas, but now lives in Anchorage, Alaska, with her husband and 3 children. She has 20 years of ASL teaching experience in grades K-12 and is currently working on her doctorate in curriculum & instruction. She started an ASL curriculum business called ASL Concepts. Now she is the Principal of Family Partnership Charter School. During her free time, she enjoys the great outdoors-going camping, cycling, & fishing every chance she can get, bringing her husky along.

Her celebrity crush: Nick Cage.
Her favorite food: Wine.
Her best memory: Dipnetting the Kenai River when the fish are running.

Patricia McCarthy

Membership Coordinator - Patricia McCarthy

Meet Tricia McCarthy- She was the first member coordinator/treasurer of ASL Honor Society at its inception in 2006. Active member of ASL Honor society board for over ten years. She is excited to return after a short hiatus!

From Long Island, New York, Tricia has been teaching ASL for over 20 years at the high school level. Tricia is a workshop presenter on the local and national levels focusing on ASL activities and curriculum. Her passion is to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues. She has attended ASLTA conferences since 2005, only missing one!

Rose Adams

Operations Chair - Rose Adams

Meet Rose Adams ASLHS Operations Coordinator. She has been teaching ASL for the past 29 years. She was born Deaf to hearing parents, has a Deaf brother. She was mainstreamed all her life in a hearing school. She was a Treasurer of FASLTA for over 15 years as well as a Vice President of FASLTA for two years. She has three grown children and three grandchildren.

Amy Crumrine

Graduations Support Chair - Amy Crumrine

Meet Amy Crumrine! This is her first year joining ASLHS board as a graduation support coordinator. She hails from Silver Spring, Maryland, and is a NTID/RIT graduate. She was a deaf and hard of hearing teacher for 11 years before she switched over to ASL teaching. She currently teaches ASL 1-3 at a high school in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Amy has degrees in Social Work, Deaf Education, and School Counseling along with a certification in School Administration from RIT and Gallaudet University.

Celebrity crush: Tom Cruise.
Favorite food: Ice Cream.
Best Memory: Traveling across America by car.

Melissa Ibanez

Graduations Shipping Chair - Melissa Ibanez

Meet Melissa Ibanez! This is her first year joining ASLHS board as a Graduation Shipment Coordinator. Born in Wisconsin and moved to Texas at a young age. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education at Gallaudet University. Melissa is currently teaching ASL 1-4 at South Texas College. Taught Deaf Ed for 10 years and part-time ASL for 5 years. Full time teaching ASL 4 years. Melissa is also a Girl Scout Co-Leader.

Favorite celebrity: Jensen Ackles.
Favorite Food: Mexican food.
Favorite Hobby: Crafts and reading. 

Devin Hasty

Public Relations Chair - Devin Hasty

Meet Devin Hasty! This is her first year joining ASLHS board as a public relation coordinator. Born and raised in North Carolina and currently lives in Colorful Colorado. She received her bachelor's degree in Human and Community Service at Lenior Rhyne University, NC, and a Master’s degree in Teaching ASL in 2016 at University of Northern Colorado. She is currently teaching K-12 at ThunderRidge High School in Douglas County School District in Colorado. GO Grizzlies!

Favorite celebrity: SO HARD! I would say Cress Williams.
Favorite Food: Avocado.
Favorite Hobby: SHOPPING and of course blogging. I love love love CLOTHES.
Favorite Flower: Succulents & Cactus.

Advisory Board

• Lisa Godfrey • Steven Singer • Meg Vickers • Robin Newsom-Wuertz

Where are ASLHS chapters located?

(Accurate as of 8/28/19)


It's time to renew your ASLTA and ASLHS memberships for the 2019-2020 school year. Join ASLTA at the Associate level and then add the ASLHS program to that membership.

A chapter's membership is valid when the Sponsor's name and this a check mark appears next to the name of the school.


  Sponsor Active
Vestavia Hills High School Carole Heartsill Murray Checkmark


  Sponsor Active
East High School Jessica Parker Checkmark


Sponsor Active
Phoenix College Serena Stone Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Bonita High School Natalie Cooney Checkmark
Cathedral Catholic High School Amber Elliott Checkmark
Mater Dei High School Jennifer Battaglia Checkmark
Mercy High School Burlingame Michele Gachowski Checkmark
Notre Dame High School Catherine Licht Checkmark
Oak Park High School Deanne Bray Checkmark
Rosary Academy Candace Mattos Checkmark
Segerstrom High School Cynthia Kaniski Checkmark
NEW St. Joseph Notre Dame High School Lanessa Vantrese Checkmark
NEW Temecula Valley High School Stevie Collins Checkmark


  Sponsor Active
NEW Monarch High School Melissa Peterson Checkmark
ThunderRidge High School Devin Hastings Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Delaware School for the Deaf Christine Sharkey Checkmark


  Sponsor Active
Clay High School Bria Havener Checkmark
Duncan Fletcher High School Lauren Katz Checkmark
Florida State University Kristen Guynes Checkmark
Ponte Verdra High School Lisa Layton Checkmark
St. Joseph Academy Gaylene Hollis Checkmark
University of Florida Zulma Santiago Checkmark
University of Gainesville Stephen Hardy Checkmark
Wiregrass Ranch High School Alison Washburn Checkmark
Winter Springs High School Katie Canteenwalla Checkmark
Janessa Jannarone  


  Sponsor Active
Creekview HS Andrea Shelton Checkmark
Kennesaw Mountain High School Erin Hamilton Checkmark
North Cobb High School Christina Hopper Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Goshen College Amanda Flickinger Checkmark
Indiana University Laura Smith Checkmark
NEW Mt. Vernon High School Sharon Perterson Checkmark
Purdue University Indianapolis Laura Smith Checkmark
Southport High School Natalie Hendrix-Evans Checkmark
Vincennes University Cynthia Sanders Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Olathe North High School Steven Barrios Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Clarksburg High School Michele Dunefsky Checkmark
Great Mills High School Meg Vickers Checkmark
Montgomery College Cristina Daley Butler Checkmark


  Sponsor Active
Duxbury High School Christine Robertson Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Brainerd High School Jody Converse Checkmark
Central Lakes College Tanya Hoting Mrazek Checkmark
Minnetonka High School Tracy Ivy Checkmark
St. Catherine University Elizabeth Siebert Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active

New Hampshire

  Sponsor Active

New Jersey

  Sponsor Active

New Mexico

  Sponsor Active

New York

  Sponsor Active
East Meadow High School Lauren Beygelman Checkmark
Massapequa High School Patricia McCarthy Checkmark
Nassau Community College Jill Burgreen Checkmark

North Carolina

  Sponsor Active
Piedmont International University Kent Oviatt Checkmark

North Dakota

  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Independence High School Margaret Popa Checkmark
Oak Hills High School Susan Dochterman Checkmark
Perrysburg High School Delta Kimmel Checkmark
Sinclair College Jessica Minor Checkmark
Sycamore High School Nicole Price Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
North Eugene High School Kelley Coplin Checkmark


  Sponsor Active
Parkland High School Jill Fuller Checkmark

Rhode Island

  Sponsor Active

South Carolina

  Sponsor Active

South Dakota

  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Colleyville Heritage High School Tamara Trice Checkmark
Cypress Ridge High School Erica Hidalgo Checkmark
Flower Mound High School Sandra Atchley Checkmark
Fort Bend Christian Academy Tony Slate Checkmark
Foster High School Jennifer Nowak Checkmark
Granbury High School Elizabeth Robblee Checkmark
Lakeland High School Chelsea Day Checkmark
NEW Lovejoy High School Edward Bart Checkmark
McClennan High School Diane Boles Checkmark
NEW Morton High School Nancy Piper Checkmark
NEW Northwest High School Carol Meyer Checkmark
Prosper High School Christi Wahnschaffe Checkmark
Ridge Point High School Roxann Barrera-Coffman Checkmark
San Antonio College Darin Dobson Checkmark
Sherman High School Pamela Clabaugh Checkmark
South Texas College Melissa Ibanez Checkmark
Sterling High School Terri Britten Checkmark
NEW Taylor High School Brandy McCabe Checkmark
Tuloso Midway High School Stephanie Ochoa Checkmark
University of Houston Terrell Brittain Checkmark
Vista Ridge High School Tricia Walker Checkmark


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active
Vestavia Hills High School Carole Heartsill Murray Checkmark


  Sponsor Active
 H-B Woodlawn High School Shanna Sorrells Checkmark
Heritage High School Kerri Coy Checkmark
Ocean Lakes High School Lynn Steinberg Checkmark
NEW Tuscarora High School Gabriel Love Checkmark
Washington Liberty High School Michelle Letts Checkmark
Westfield High School Brittany Burke Checkmark
Woodlawn High School Shanna Sorrells Checkmark


  Sponsor Active
Issaquah High School Paige Friedli Checkmark
Juanita High School Toby Welch Checkmark
North Thurston High School Sharon Gilmore Checkmark

West Virginia

  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active


  Sponsor Active

Canada: Province of Alberta

  Sponsor Active
Alberta School for the Deaf    

Canada: Province of Ontario

  Sponsor Active
Carleton University