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Learn how you can play a role in spreading the news about ASL and honoring students who excel in the practice of ASL. The ASLHS recognizes the outstanding achievements of students studying ASL, and we encourage the use of the language along with lifelong learning and language enjoyment. ASL teachers at any level are eligible to establish ASLHS chapters on campus, whether they teach at a high school, community college, college, or university. Additionally, all ASL students can participate in our programs.

About Us

Since 2006, ASLHS has been a valued addition to the field of ASL education. Our primary mission is to encourage and recognize high academic achievement in ASL studies for high school and college/university students. Like honor societies for other languages, the ASLHS seeks to enrich the learning experience of those studying ASL. Some of the benefits offered by the ASL Honor Society include:

  • Awarding Honor Cords and Medals Based On Academic Achievement
  • Encouraging Service Learning Projects That Benefit the ASL Community
  • Hosting the Annual Deaf Art and ASL Literature Competitions, Featuring Cash Prizes
  • Awarding the Only National Scholarships to Students Majoring or Minoring In ASL, Deaf Studies, Deaf Education, and Interpreter Education
  • Financially Supporting ASL Education via Grants for Teachers to Assist in Purchasing Equipment or Materials for Use in the Classroom
  • The ASL Honor Society is a program offered by ASLTA as a benefit for ASLTA membership.



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