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ASL Honor Society

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Competition Winners

Art Competition

1st Place (Current Year Winner)
1st Place

Angelina Vogel

1st: Angelina Vogel

East Meadow High School, New York

2nd Place (Current Year Winner)
2nd Place

Maria Pirul

2nd: Maria Pirul

Passaic County Technical-Vocational School, New Jersey

3rd Place (Current Year Winner)
3rd Place

Penelope Swanson

3rd: Penelope Swanson

Olympia High School, Washington

1st Place (2022-2023)
1st Place

Artwork of Celia Pierce

1st: Celia Pierce

Emerald Ridge High School, WA

2nd Place (2022-2023)
2nd Place

Artwork of Yvie Somers

2nd: Yvie Somers

Ponte Vedra High School, FL

3rd Place (2022-2023)
3rd Place

Artwork of Sioban McGrath

3rd: Sioban McGrath

Rock Hill High School, TX

ASL Literature Winners

Class B (Current Year Winner)
Class B (2021-2022)
1st: Catie Nickoli from Academy of Our Lady of Peace
2nd: Rylan Napier, Daelin Loftis, Austin Curryer from East Valley High School
3rd: Sirie Chhen from Olympia High School
Class C (Current Year Winner)
Class C (2021-2022)
1st: Kaylee Anderson from Southern Illinois University
2nd: Ian Flores from Lake Dallas High School
3rd: Ella Mashura from Ocean City High School

ASLHS Literature Winners 2023

Beginner Level
Beginner Level (Current Year Winner)
1st: Ramona Hanson
2nd: Braelynn Justice
3rd: Deja Martin
Intermediate Level
Intermediate Level (Current Year Winner)
1st: Gabriela Tineo
2nd: Wren LaPine
3rd: Kanna Yerks
Natives (Current Year Winner) 
1st: Jeyshca Ingles